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About Us

Cascade Guitars is an online music store located in Shoreline WA, just north of Seattle.

Like many of or friends in the Pacific Northwest we take our name from the Cascade mountain range that surrounds Seattle (home of some fantastic tone wood).

We specialize in repair work and cool, new/used, high-end, electric guitars... including: Fender®, Gretsch®, Gibson, G&L, Paul Reed Smith, Parker, Rickenbacker, and many others. We are a dealer for: Parker Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Dunlop, MXR, Hagstrom Guitars, RMC Pickups, Lollar Guitars, Crybaby, Way Huge Electronics, Randall Amps, Eden Amps, Buzz Feiten, Tone Pros, Graphtech & EER Custom Guitars. We also carry high-end bass guitars, acoustic guitars, amps, effects, pickups, and lots more.

Here are some photos. Please read on below...

Cascade Guitar Lab

Cascade Guitar Lab
New Classics

Cascade Guitar Lab

Cascade Guitar Lab
The Loft

A litte more about our philosohphy...

In today's marketplace guitar sales are usually about quantity. Most successful guitar manufacturers mass produce, mass market, and sell in heavy volume. This trend inevitably causes some sacrifices in guitar quality. A brand new guitar in a giant store or warehouse simply won't always be setup properly. It might not even be built very well.

By keeping our inventory relatively small and relentlessly focusing on quality, Cascade Guitars proves that bigger is not always better. We only carry pro/semi-pro gear. No starter guitars. Most of our instruments are made right here in the USA where the best guitars in the world are manufactured. All of our guitars are thoroughly inspected (inside and out), cleaned, and setup before they are sold.

We are an internet storefront -- but we understand that purchasing a guitar on the internet can be difficult. Simply put, how can you know for sure if you want to buy a guitar before you play it? We combat this problem on several levels:

  1. You can call or e-mail for an in-hand description of any item in stock. We are happy to answer questions.
  2. We have a well documented Return Policy so you can try our guitars in the comfort of your home or rehearsal space with minimal risk.

Please also feel free to visit us on the following channels. We're listenng.

Cascade Guitars works hard to offer quality gear at good prices. We know there are many choices for the guitar shopper and thank you for your interest.

We aren't seeking to radically expand our inventory but we are always interested in hearing what you are after. If you don't see what you're looking for in stock feel free to let us know.

Cascade Guitars also offers a wide array of guitar repair services. Get your guitar serviced by a pro tech today and find out how good it can play.

You can check out the lastest on our News Page.

Even more on Facebook and Twitter.

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